Yunzii KC84 - Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard

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The 84 key layout of KC84 includes full set numbers, function keys, and arrows.As to provide you with supreme portability, the KC84 has minimalist design with detachable USB cable thah can reduce storage bulk, cable damage and also offers easy portability.

  • Hotswappable Gateron switch of KC84 can be replaced by other hotswap switches without soldering. You can customize the keyboard easily and change out the switches to have a completely different tactile experience.
  • With the driver, you can customize the RGB effects massive lighting effects and macro setting. (Driver download web in the product description part and manual.)
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS , the KC84 comes with a USB Type-C cable.
  • The KC84 is suitable for all environment, Home & Office use, fits right in backpack. Less hand movement and space while still being able to access all the functionalists, including numbers and direction keys.
  • Ergonomic design, no feel fatigue after long term use and 100% full anti-ghosting without conflict, enjoy the process without any obstacles.


Size: 75%
Switches: Gateron Black Switch, Gateron Blue Switch, Gateron Brown Switch, Gateron Red Switch,


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