Capisco Ergonomic Chair with Saddle Seat

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The HAG Capisco family of chairs offers the perfect adjustable height seats for your adjustable height desk. No other chair offers the same variety: sit, stretch, lean, or perch on a Capisco and you’ll understand why it’s so popular with standing desk users, office workers, podcast hosts, ultrasound technicians and healthcare professionals all over the world. Try it once and you’ll never look the same way at office task chairs again.

  • Award-winning human centered design allows for maximum healthy sitting positions
  • Comes with a 265mm lift height (Overall chair height: 51.5" / Seat height: 22.5 - 33"), ideal to use with a standing desk
  • Fully adjustable seat height, seat depth, back height and back tilt
  • Saddle seat design promotes healthy blood flow and encourages movement - Sit forwards, backwards, sideways or whichever way feels most comfortable
  • Made from 50% post-consumer recycled material and is 90% recyclable


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