Worklouder Creator Board is a Modular Keyboard that Adapts to You

by Worklouderin Keyboards

The Worklouder Creator Board is the perfect keyboard for digital content creators. With a modular design, it is easy to install a mix of keys and rotary dials to fit your needs. The Creator Board has a compact 60% footprint, is fully programmable, and has four key layers so you can switch between 236 different keys. With backlight and underglow RGB color effects, you can choose from 30 different pre-set lighting effects or set your favorite color scheme per each board. Whether you are an illustrator, 3D designer, photographer, developer, or streamer you need tools that augment your creativity and help you realize your vision. The Worklouder Creator Board is the only keyboard that adapts to you.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.5/10

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