CroLander Wooden Keyboard with Retro Typewriter Keycaps

by crolanderin Keyboards

Every keyboards tends to have something unique and special, but CroLander made something truly special. This retro keyboards with typewriter keycaps is handmade made entirely from solid natural wood, with a natural wooden frame and wooden keycaps style like old-fashioned vintage typewriter. Here is the build process: the chassis is carved from a single piece of solid walnut and making room for the important internal parts of the keyboard. After carving, the wood is hand sanded until the wood has a remarkably smooth texture. Then, the wood is cleaned and coated with oil, which is used for the coating of children's toys and products in the kitchen. After that it is again hand sanded, cleaned and re-coated with oil to protect against moisture, fingerprints and even impregnates wood to provide a lasting and beautiful finish. Electronics are chosen for their superior quality and adaptability with mechanical switches. Each keycap is hand sanded to a silky smooth to the touch. It supports both USB and Bluetooth connections.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.3/10

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