Level Up Your iPad Setup with the MagFlött Pro: The Ultimate Adjustable Magnetic Stand

by CharJenProin Stands

The MagFlött Pro by CharJenPro is a premium adjustable magnetic stand like none other. Its extra thick metal, stronger hinge mechanism, and powerful magnets make it the only heft and stable magnetic stand ever made. Its adjustable height component allows users to adjust the stand from 12 inches (309mm) to 17.5 inches (442mm) and anything in between. Additionally, it allows users to magnetically attach any MagSafe-compatible iPhones which can come in handy sometimes like when making FaceTime and Zoom video calls, recording youtube videos, and more. Its height-adjustable feature also helps with improved posture, allowing users to no longer strain their neck or back with prolonged use. MagFlött Pro is great for multitasking and use of the Continuity camera by rotating the stand 360° backwards. All in all the MagFlött Pro is the ultimate magnetic stand for your iPad, and is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and adjustable stand!

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.4/10

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