The Flux Keyboard Is A Transparent Keyboard With Integrated Full HD IPS Display

by Fluxin Keyboards

The Flux Keyboard is the perfect combination of the classic tactile feel of mechanical keyboards and the adaptability of a touchscreen. Its IPS display allows you to customize the keyboard with any image, video, or interactive style, while its 87-key mechanical switches enable rapid trigger functionality and adjustable actuation points. Plus, you can attach up to four modules magnetically, making it a great choice for productivity and creativity. With 27+ languages supported by default, you’re sure to find the solution you need. Using keyboard shortcuts can save you an immense amount of time, up to 60 hours over the course of a year! And with the Flux Keyboard’s hot-swappable keyframes, you can switch between loud, tactile keys and linear ones in just 2.15 seconds. Its dustproof design ensures no debris is trapped, and its removable frame simplifies the cleaning process compared to traditional keyboards. So go with the Flux Keyboard and experience the tactile freedom of mechanical and the limitless capability of a touchscreen.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.1/10

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