1. Brane X Bluetooth portable speaker

Experience 10x More Deep Bass with Brane X's Revolutionary Speaker Design

by Brane Audioin Bluetooth Speakers

This groundbreaking speaker from Brane Audio, a sound technology company, gives you unprecedented low-frequency performance thanks to its Repel-Attract Driver (R.A.D.) which breaks Hoffman's Iron Law for speaker design. Get ready to experience bass that is 10X deeper than comparable portable speakers without increasing size or power consumption. This revolutionary design utilizes a combination of 12 moving and stationary magnets which generate equal and opposite forces to the air pressure needed in order to produce low-level frequencies. At only 7.7 pounds, the Brane X can be taken with you wherever you go while still enjoying up to 12 hours of play on a single charge as it burns only 1/10th of the power of conventional small speakers in its subwoofer range. Whether you're enjoying your favorite music, watching a movie, or playing games, the Brane X delivers deep bass and crisp sound that no other portable speaker can match. Get ready to transform your audio experience with the Brane X.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.4/10

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