Get a Sharper View with Raspberry Pi's New Camera Module 3

by Raspberry Piin Accessories

If you're looking for a reliable camera module with improved features for your Raspberry Pi device, look no further than the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3. The new Camera Module 3 features Sony's new 12-megapixel IMX708 chip - providing users with even sharper images and better low-light sensitivity than ever before. The Camera Module 3 also comes with powered autofocus that allows you to focus ranging from 5 cm to infinity and HDR capability for interior shots. Not to mention, the NoIR infrared sensors for night vision. With four different modules to choose from - standard and wide-angle models with both visible light and NoIR infrared versions - the Camera Module 3 is an attractive and reliable camera module solution for Raspberry Pi users, starting at only $25. Get high-quality images and videos with the Camera Module 3, the perfect camera module for your Raspberry Pi. With improved resolution, HDR, autofocus, a wide-angle FOV, and more, the Camera Module 3 is a great option for your Raspberry Pi devices.

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