Apple Fixes Bug That Bricked Some Intel Macs After macOS Monterey Install

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Apple has fixed an issue that could cause some Intel Macs with a T2 chip to fail to boot up after macOS Monterey was installed, Apple said in a statement. There was a problem with the firmware on the Apple T2 security chip that prevented some users from being able start their Macs after updating to the ‌macOS Monterey‌ software.

Apple says that a firmware update is now included with the existing macOS updates, and users impacted by the issue should contact Apple Support for assistance with their machines.

Statement from Apple on macOS issues. Full text in alt description:

— Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) November 5, 2021

Following the launch of ‌macOS Monterey‌, there were multiple reports from users who found their Macs bricked after updating. Affected users were unable to turn their Macs on, an issue that affected models with a T2 security chip that powers things like Touch ID. Macs with M-series chips were not affected as they do not have a separate T2 chip.

Intel Mac users will no longer run into this issue now that new firmware has been released to address the problem, but those who already have a dead Mac will need help from Apple to get their devices up and running again.

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