1. WRAEK Tactonic Pro

WRAEK Tactonic Pro World's 1st Palm-Control Keyboard

by Wraekin Keyboards

The WRAEK Tactonic Pro is the world’s first palm-controlled keyboard set. The Tactonic Pad has an in-house designed force-sensitive palm pad, acts as a thumbstick, providing greater control in your gaming. The Tactonic Pad uses ultra-sensitive pressure sensors that can detect as little as 10g of force, making it perfect for gamers who want to have greater control over their gameplay. The Tactonic Pad is also great for work, as it allows you to easily switch between game and work profiles with the click of a button. The Tactonic Pad is simple, convenient, and intuitive to use, and it’s even customizable with RGB colors!

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.3/10

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