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Wires Splitting Sleeve

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Alex Tech, as an expert in the field of cable management,insist on providing customers with the top quality wire management products. Our cable management is used to wrap and protect wires & organize cables & hide and conceal wires in many application, e.g. Automotive,electronics, home and office.

  • Our wire loom is split and easy to load wires. Once loaded, our cable sleeve will close on itself and perfect wire wrap
  • Operating temp (degree F.):-103 to 257|Melt temp: 446. Our cable management sleeve is used for Hifi speaker hdmi automotive wires
  • Our cord protector keeps cat from chewing cables. Our cable protector is insulated
  • Our wire sleeve: UL Recognized
  • Our cable organizer keeps the cords organized with no more messy cables in your home and office

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