Ugmonk Analog - The Simplest Productivity System

by ugmonkin Accessories

Some time ago we featured a setup by Jeff Sheldon which is beautiful and you should definitely check out! Well, Jeff is also the founder of Ugmonk, a company behind many quality products for you and your office, like this minimalist productivity system called Analog. Analog is the simplest productivity system and yet sophisticated, and effective in the way you organize your work. Analog divides tasks into 3 cards; At the beginning of each day, write up to 10 tasks on a Today card, record important tasks that need to be done on the Next card, and capture ideas, aspirations and goals that you would someday like to accomplish on Someday card. But throughout the day, mark each task as completed, in-progress, or delegated, and see your process build up over time. While the power of the Analog lies in the system itself, every detail was considered – from the paper stock, to the dot grid pattern, to the way the cards smoothly slide into the holder.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.5/10

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