Twelve South HiRise for iMac

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The ideal viewing position for your Mac is right about eye level. HiRise elevates your Mac to your most comfortable viewing height. With the Apple inspired design, you can ditch the stack of books and coordinate your setup while also preventing slouching in your chair. To adjust the height of HiRise, simply reposition the internal metal support shelf to the desired height and slide your iMac stand into HiRise. It’s really that simple.

  • Elevates iMac or Apple Display to your optimal viewing height
  • Support shelf lets you adjust the height of your Mac in one of six positions
  • Creates hidden desktop storage for hard drives or personal items
  • Fits all Apple iMacs, Apple Thunderbolt Displays and Apple Cinema Displays
  • with metal L-shaped desk stand (except the 30-inch Cinema Display)

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