Twelve South BackPack for 24-inch iMac

by Twelve Southin Accessories

The BackPack for 24-inch iMac by Twelve South is the perfect way to declutter your workspace and keep your cables tidy. The sleek aluminum shelf quickly and seamlessly attaches to the back of your iMac stand and includes an Apple Watch-like band that lets you strap gear to the top and bottom of BackPack. The included Twist Ties make it easy to tidy up cables and keep that clean, minimal iMac aesthetic. The matte white BackPack is perfect for displaying artwork, awards, or a welcome sign, and can also hold business cards or a small candy dish. If you’re using a USB-C hub to add legacy ports to the USB-C-only iMac, BackPack is the perfect parking spot for that hub. The BackPack keeps your hub hidden and the short cable on most USB hubs will reach the USB-C ports on your iMac. You can also use the included BackPack strap to secure your hub so you can unplug and plugin cables with one hand.

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