Tin HiFi P1 Max In-Ear Monitors with 14.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver

by Tin HiFiin Headphones

The Tin HiFi P1 Max is the latest addition to the company's lineup of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs, featuring a unique acoustic structure that promises outstanding sound quality with a stylish look. The primary upgrade with the P1 Max over the standard P1 model is its easy drivability, which is achieved by a redesigned driver architecture with a newly developed 14.2 mm planar magnetic driver with a new lightweight aluminum diaphragm. The new aluminum diaphragm is ultra-thin with just 2 microns of thickness, and it uses powerful N52 neodymium magnets for a powerful magnetic flux. This new planar driver is very easy to power with a low impedance rating of just 16Ω and the sensitivity is also at a normal level of 98dB. It also uses high-purity single crystal copper wire with a 108 core configuration for a smooth and warm sound signal transmission. When it comes to wearing, the P1 Max earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear, thanks to its ergonomic shape and lightweight of just 4.8 grams.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.4/10

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