SilentiumPC Viro 101M Compact and Durable In-ear Earbuds

by SilentiumPCin Headphones

Looking for a great pair of headphones to use every day? Look no further than the SPC (Silentium PC) Gear VIRO 101M! These earbuds offer an incredibly detailed and bright sound profile, perfect for a wide variety of musical genres, games, and movies. Their durable construction combines metal elements with a fully braided cable, making them perfect for on-the-go use. The high-quality microphone on the remote control attached to the cable allows for comfortable conversations with friends both at home and outdoors. Thanks to the three function buttons on the remote control, you can easily control media on your smartphone, as well as answer and end phone calls. The VIRO 101M earbuds use transducers that reproduce sounds across a wide frequency range, ensuring that you'll enjoy a vividly colorful sound profile with crisp vocals and drums, as well as well-exposed low and medium frequencies. The MEMS microphone built into the cable of the VIRO 101M is also able to capture the user's voice even in noisy places, making it perfect for conversations with friends in public or on the go. Each element of the VIRO 101M is made of high-quality materials, making them not only durable but also stylish. The metal housing ensures that the earbuds are damage-resistant, while the magnets installed into both earbuds allow you to clip them together around your neck, or even pack them away more easily.

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