SPC AXIS Streaming USB

by SilentiumPCin Microphones

The SPC Gear AXIS is a high-fidelity microphone with variable directionality technology that allows you to easily change your recording direction. The built-in modes help you to perform the way you want in any situation, like the cardioid mode, which automatically isolates your voice and muffles background noise, and works best while streaming or chatting with friends in your favorite games. The stereo mode allows you to create high-quality recordings of guitar sounds and vocals, preserving their natural depth and spaciousness, while the omnidirectional mode allows you to easily record all surrounding sounds. The touch mute button allows you to quickly mute the microphone during gaming, work, or study without having to reach for a hotkey on the keyboard or minimizing any applications or windows. Appearance is just as important as functionality, and that’s why the AXIS allows you to adjust its RGB backlighting to look exactly how you want it to. There are six different backlight modes colors: green, cyan, blue, pink, red, yellow, and even a rainbow mode which fluidly transitions through all the colors simultaneously. Made mostly from metal, it is highly durable and resistant to damage. With its stiff construction and high-quality materials used throughout, it is truly built to last.

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