e-Reading LED Task Lamp

by Quntisin Lighting

No Screen Glare Eyes-Care LED Lamp

Quntis Computer Screen Lamp emitting light only focuses on the keyboard and desktop under the computer monitor. Designed to emit a soft and non-flickering of light that's friendly on your eyes, helping you avoid eye fatigue caused by flickering light and reflective glare off the computer screen.

Light Up Your Desk and Free Up More Space

Not like other desk lamp takes up too much space, the space saving clamp design make our e-reading lamp simply mount on top of the monitor to light up desk without taking any working space.

Choose Your Favorite Color Temperature And Brightness

Every e-reading lamps have a controller with 3 color temperature and 10 levels brightness adjusting function to help you to choose your favorite color temperature and brightness while studying or working in the evening with computer.

Simple Usage for Higher Convenience

You can continue working in the evening without turning all the lights on, saving electricity while avoid excessive lighting affecting your family's rest. Perfect for working as office lamp, reading light and study table lamp for students and office workers.

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