Papalook PA930 HDR 2K Streaming Webcam with Dual Noise Reduction Mics

by Papalookin Webcams

The Papalook PA930 is designed to pick up sound from all sides of the mic, and coupled with noise-reduction technology that reduces both circuit and background noise. You can talk into the microphone from any direction and it will be able to capture the sound very clearly. Professional HDR technology can improve the brightness to a more realistic performance, further enhance the contrast of the picture, and the color gamut will also be expanded to better reflect the visual effects in the real environment, bringing shocking visual impact to users. The formats of 2K resolution in video and images are Quad HD 2560x1440P (up to 30fps) and Full HD 1920x1080P (up to 60fps). There is a frame rate switch button on the top of the camera, which supports switching between 30FPS and 60FPS of 1080P, 720P and 480P resolution. Comes with a privacy cover and tripod.

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