Portable Air Conditioner

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This small air conditioner is an ideal portable cooling solution with a 5-in-1 combination of small evaporative air cooler, desktop fan, air circulator, humidifier and mood light which can cool the air around you. The evaporative air cooler features ultra quiet 3 adjustable wind speeds (Low/Med/High) with 120° manual up-down adjustable blowing direction to choose from, allowing you to customize your own personal cooling zone. It performs best during hot, dry climates or to combat dryness brought by A/Cs, with a 400ML capacity, you can keep yourself away from dry air and enjoy the mist for 3-5 hours. Built to be simple and easy to use, the detachable design means simple regular cleaning and maintenance, which keeps your personal air cooler running efficiently. Low energy consumption, freon-free and there is also 7 colors LED light that can be used as a night light or beside lamp.

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