Ledger's New Nano S Plus Crypto Wallet Now Stores Over 5,500 Digital Assets and NFTs

by Ledgerin Accessories

The Ledger Nano S Plus is the latest release from the iconic cryptocurrency hard wallet company. This new version features increased memory and a larger display, making it even more user-friendly than the original. The Nano S Plus supports over 5,500 digital assets, including NFTs for those looking for offline storage. This new release maintains the Nano's compact design at just 21g, and features brushed stainless steel matched with plastic. Connected through USB Type-C, the Nano S Plus is CC EAL5+ certified and is compatible with 64-bit desktop computers and smartphones running Android 7+. The large screen makes it easy to navigate and verify transactions, while the certified secure chip keeps your private keys offline and out of reach of hackers. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cryptocurrencies are securely stored with the Ledger Nano S Plus.

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