Humax Wi-Fi Smart Plug

by Humaxin Smart Home

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug from Humax works without a hub and can access your 2.4GHz home wireless network and Bluetooth connections. But when paired with the Humax Smart Living App, it gives you complete control over all your connected devices, from turning them on and off, to monitoring energy usage. With easy-to-use tabs and shortcuts, the app is designed for convenience and ease of use. You can also control devices via voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Humax Smart Living App gives you the power to manage your smart home devices. With schedules, you can automate your appliances to turn on and off at set times each day, helping you to save energy. You can also track your energy usage and spending across all your connected devices, so you can identify which appliances are using more energy than necessary. The app also lets you quickly give family and friends access to your smart home devices, so you can share the convenience of a smart home with everyone.

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