HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S

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  • Capacitive contactless method without chattering, ideal for high-speed input, ideal key touch and long life without fatigue even after long use, Bluetooth and USB connection (Type-C), keymap change function, Speed (high speed “Type-S” key structure with excellent typing and silent. In addition, it is a keyboard with all the functions you can expect, such as rational key arrangement and three-step tilt adjustment.
  • The “capacitive contactless method” that switches without contact (without bottom) realizes deep strokes and superb key touch. A supple and comfortable touch adds the value of joy to typing. The “HYBRID Type-S” adopts a key structure that is excellent in high-speed typing (Speed) and quietness (Silent).
  • “Keyboards with key layouts ideal for programmers.” Since the minimal keys are arranged reasonably, there is no need to move your hand from the home position, and essentially speedy typing is possible. This property can be further enhanced by using shortcuts in combination with the “Control” and “Fn” keys.
  • The compact size of A4 half size strong realized by the key layout which cut off waste. Because you can carry it like a favorite fountain pen, you can enjoy the touch and key layout unique to HHKB on the go as “My Keyboard”.
  • “HYBRID Type-S” and “HYBRID” can be connected by Bluetooth and USB. You can freely use wireless and wired, so you can choose any device. By registering devices in advance (up to 4 devices) with Bluetooth connection, you can quickly connect to the target device with simple key operations. The USB uses a Type-C connector that can be “reverse-inserted”, greatly reducing stress during connection.


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