DIY Framedeck Pocket PC

by Frameworkin Laptops

The Framedeck is a pocketable DIY pc, based on Framework mainboard and fully open-source for you to play with. The mainboard is a versatile and powerful little unit that is perfect for anyone looking for an Intel-based system on a single board. Its storage and memory expansion capabilities are great, and it has decent on-board graphics and full power management, with four standard USB-C ports which provide many possibilities. The Framedeck is using a battery from the framework laptop, a custom mechanical keyboard, a wifi card, an SSD, 16GB of memory, a 7-inch IPS display, and speakers. The author ended up using the mainboard with their battery, as it has solid capacity and is already designed to work with the onboard power management. But you can also, power it via USB-C, or a solid power bank which would provide plenty of runtime, it's completely up to you.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.5/10

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