Fintic LED Ticker

by finticin Accessories

The Fintic is a desk sized all-in-one LED ticker, a crowd funded project by Justin Dunn. This cool LED ticker will display anything from stocks, crypto, forex, weather, news, sports, GIFs, images and more in beautiful, 128x32 sized, RGB pixels. Whether you choose to display one, two, four or all features together, everything will seamlessly transition from one feature to the next, truly making this an ultimate, all-in-one LED ticker! It works by simply connecting the ticker to your Wi-Fi, then connect any device with an internet browser to the same Wi-Fi network, this will give you the access to the ticker and you can control everything that gets displayed through your internet browser, pretty cool. Another neat thing is that there are plenty of customization options with the ticker to adapt to your ambient, office or your mood. Adjust the speed or brightness to your liking, throw in a couple of transition animations between features, or choose to display feature title graphics and many more.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9.4/10

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