Apollo City is a Robust Electric Commuting Scooter

by Apolloin Accessories

The Apollo City lies at the crossroads of power and portability, the sweet spot of commuting scooters. It's robust enough to climb any hill yet compact enough to fit under your desk. Between its collapsible stem, three-second folding mechanism, and lightweight construction—only 39 LBS (18 KG)—the City scooter adapts perfectly to every stage of your commute. The Apollo City has a high-efficiency brushless 600W motor with 800W peak output, which means that it has an 86% energy conversion rate and can reach top speeds of 25 MPH (40 KM/H). Also, it can climb 15-degree inclines with ease. When it comes to battery juice, the Apollo City has a 48V 13.2aH battery powered by Dynavolt cells providing 28 miles of range when in eco mode or 22 miles at full speed in more realistic conditions. Factor in its illuminating LED lights in the front, rear, and under the deck, triple braking system, high-quality build and you've got yourself a guaranteed safe ride at all times.

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