Angry Miao Am Hatsu Is A Unique Split Keyboard

by Angry Miaoin Keyboards

The Angry Miao Am Hatsu keyboard is a unique and innovative keyboard for power users featuring an unconventional 4x6 layout. The keyboard features a unique design that helps to improve finger placement and accuracy, while the backlight makes it easy to see the keys in any environment. Made using Aerospace-level 5-axis CNC machining to craft the complex three-dimensional curved metal body you can see that built quality is on a whole new level. The battery can last for about 2 weeks with intensive use, but if you pair this keyboard with Cybermat it will wirelessly charge from the mat. The Angry Miao Am Hatsu Keyboard is perfect for professionals for both home and office use, but a small learning curve will be required.

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Dev & Gear Rating 9/10

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