Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Retro Color Matching

Classic Grey-White Matching, we designed this keyboard and chose this color scheme, hope to get the keyboard back to its original shape, and hope it can also take you to find the original intention.

RGB Backlight and Side light

Choose the color of each key from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors freely via the software, choose what your favorite and what works best for you, and bring you wonderful visual experience and fun. Colorful side light, better atmosphere.

Mechanical Brown Switches

Special Modified Brown Switches offer the same experience as Cherry MX Brown and life span reaches up to 60 million. They are softer and quieter than other switches, perfect for typing and office use, especially in the office.

Professional Gaming Keyboard

104 Keys N-Key Rollover, allowing you to press & hold multiple keys simultaneously without fear of missing or unexpected key presses, let you enjoy fast response high-end games.

Professional software, supports DIY keyboard and macro editing.

Extreme durability ensures the stable performance and players can do whatever they would like. It will become your trusted partner.

PBT SA Spherical Keycaps

SA spherical PBT keycaps. Compared with the common keycaps, SA spherical keycap is more plump and complete in the shape, and the side lines gather naturally at the upper end, making it better fit with the fingers.

In addition, the PBT material provides more delicate surface and a better touch feeling.

Ultimate Comfortable

Through constant adjustment, the keyboard can provide you with the most comfortable feeling, anti-fatigue whether you are playing games, working or typing.

Ergonomic key designs in various key shape, 2 adjustable and non-slip foot pads.

Continuous use, long time with you is the most important.


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