Your iPhone now automatically installs iOS updates by default, and it’s for the best

Chris Smith


iPhone 14 Pro

Apple rolled out its latest iPhone and iPad software updates this week, which include a big change to how you download and install updates on your devices. iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 make iPhone and iPad updates download by default, a feature a small subset of users might not appreciate. But I think that's a great development from Apple, which will significantly improve the overall iPhone and iPad experiences and the security of iOS and iPadOS.

By forcing iPhone and iPad updates on users, Apple will ensure that most people run the latest iOS and iPadOS versions. But, more importantly, the devices will always run the latest security updates from Apple, which often roll out between big iOS and iPadOS releases.

Also important is another submenu in the Software Update menu for the management of beta software, which comes just in time for the launch of the iOS 17 beta.

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