Your iPhone 14 Pro might restart intermittently when you’re charging it

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Your iPhone 14 Pro might restart intermittently when you’re charging it

The iPhone 14 Pro has had a rough start. First, users were facing some serious camera-related issues. The bug caused the sensor to physically move around and produce unpleasant nosies. Apple has now patched this problem through a software update. Though, you may still want to wait a bit longer if you plan to buy an iPhone 14 Pro. According to a new report, some users are facing battery-related issues on the Pro and Pro Max variants. It seems like the iPhone 14 Pro restarts intermittently when users are charging it through wired or wireless connections. Right now, there seemingly is no fix for this tiresome bug — which is affecting a number of infuriated customers.

The iPhone 14 Pro charging bug

As the embedded Reddit thread reveals, many iPhone 14 Pro users are experiencing the charging bug. The problem reportedly affects all current iOS 16 versions, including the latest iOS 16.1 beta 2 and stable iOS 16.0.2. A user has suggested turning off Background App Refresh in the Settings app. This potential workaround has helped them dodge random charging reboots for a couple of nights in a row.

This iPhone 14 Pro bug is affecting select users, and the underlying problem could be hardware-related. If you’re personally experiencing it, it’s wise to head to the nearest Apple Store and request a replacement unit. Apple Support has provided some users with generic remedies. These include reseting the iPhone and disabling Optimized Battery Charging. Notably, though, none of the suggested solutions actually work or fix the bug.

We certainly hope that the Cupertino tech giant finds a way to solve this problem through a software update. Otherwise, its seriousness could warrant a global hardware recall — which is inconvenient to customers, retailers, and Apple alike.

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