You will soon be able to publish iOS apps from your iPad

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You will soon be able to publish iOS apps from your iPad

Swift Playgrounds was first revealed during WWDC in 2016. The app initially would only work on iPads, but Apple has recently expanded support to include macOS, too. Last June, the company announced during WWDC21 that Swift Playgrounds 4 would allow iPadOS users to publish iOS apps directly from their iPads, without needing Xcode on a Mac. It seems like the stable release of version 4 is right around the corner, for Apple is already beta testing it with a group of developers.

As 9to5Mac reports, Apple is testing the new Swift Playgrounds version with some developers. Ironically, invited participants have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to access the TestFlight build. If you’re not sure what this app is all about, Swift Playgrounds teaches the basics of coding. It’s aimed at beginners and allows them to grasp new concepts through practical exercises. By writing your own code, you will be able to solve missions and puzzles. The illustrations are colorful and fun, but even a young adult would enjoy solving them. Advanced programmers won’t be able to learn much from it, though.

Swift Playgrounds 4 upload to App Store connect

Until now, the app doesn’t allow users to publish their projects on the App Store. However, it appears this might be changing relatively soon. When Swift Playgrounds 4 becomes public, users will be able to submit their apps for review, run them in full screen mode, preview live edits, collaborate, and more. This change would bring the iPad a step closer to becoming a laptop replacement. It’s also worth mentioning that the source has confirmed that some features require iPadOS 15.2 — which is still in beta testing. So Apple could possibly be releasing version 4 along with iPadOS 15.2 in the upcoming month or two.

Will you be building and publishing your own apps from an iPad? Let us know in the comments section below.

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