You can now use select Verizon Fios routers as motion detectors

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You can now use select Verizon Fios routers as motion detectors

Your Verizon Fios router can now be part of your home security setup, thanks to a new feature currently rolling out to users. The new Home Awareness feature helps your router detect motion around your house, even though it doesn’t feature motion sensors.

Verizon says the feature utilizes the Wi-Fi Sensing technology from Origin Wireless to detect Wi-Fi signal disruptions around the house using compatible routers, extenders, and connected IoT devices. A proprietary algorithm then analyzes these disruptions to detect motion and report activity through the My Fios app. Home Awareness is free to use for all Verizon Fios customers, but it only supports the Fios G3100 routers and Fios Extender E3200 (via Android Police).

If you have these devices, you can set up the Home Awareness feature by navigating to the Internet menu in the My Fios app. The app also lets you adjust the sensitivity levels for the feature and view historical data. In a support doc highlighting the setup process, Verizon reveals that the feature works best when you evenly spread your connected devices around the house. If you place a connected device too close to the router, the device’s “coverage loop can be very small and may result in minimal activity reported.”

It’s worth mentioning that Home Awareness does not support third-party mesh networks, like Amazon’s Eero Mesh WiFi system or Google’s Nest Wifi Pro, and non-Verizon extenders. However, it does work with quite a few IoT devices. If you’d like to use the feature and want to purchase compatible IoT devices, you can head over to Verizon’s accessory store.

In addition to Home Awareness, Verizon has also announced a partnership with SAM Seamless Network to bring a new Device ID feature to users. The Device ID feature lets you monitor your home network for new or previously unrecognized devices and manage details for devices on the network. These include customizing naming conventions and better controls for the home network and connected devices.

For information on how to set up Home Awareness on a compatible Fios router, check out the source link below.

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Via: Android Police

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