You can now play Quake 1 on your Apple Watch, because why not

Mahmoud Itani

XDA Developers

You can now play Quake 1 on your Apple Watch, because why not

As you might already know, the Apple Watch is an excellent device for fitness tracking. That’s not its only strength, though. A while back, we reported that you can play the original Prince of Persia game on this tiny wearable. Obviously, we don’t expect users to actually play the game on the miniature display. Nonetheless, it’s still a neat execution that shows how advanced our technologies have become. The latest classic to become available on the Apple Watch is Quake 1. This time it’s not through a web browser, though, and the porting process is quite complex. If you’re patient enough, you can build and port this game to your Apple Watch through Xcode on a Mac.

As the gameplay video shows, you can actually control the game through the gyroscope, touch screen, and Digital Crown. Unfortunately, though, you can’t get your hands on this title through the Apple App Store. You will need to personally build it on Xcode for macOS.

To build the game, you will need to download the code from GitHub. The developer hasn’t included the assets — as they’re copyrighted — but they point you in the direction to get them yourself. Afterwards, you can build the game in Xcode and test it in the included WatchKit simulator. Alternatively, you can connect your Apple Watch to your Mac, through your iPhone, and port Quake 1 to it.

As you’d expect, the game has some bugs, and the developer has included a document for recognized issues. Ultimately, we don’t expect people to actively play Quake 1 on the Apple Watch. It’s more of a the developer was so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should situation. Ultimately, it’s an impressive project that the original fans of the game will likely appreciate.

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