Xiaomi is Now The Latest Culprit in Throttling Apps

Furqan Shahid


Xiaomi is Now The Latest Culprit in Throttling Apps

Samsung found itself in hot waters recently when the news broke out that the company is forcibly throttling a variety of games but not doing the same with benchmarking apps. Now, it seems like Xiaomi is up to the same task and it is not looking good.

After Samsung, Xiaomi Seems to be Another Culprit in Throttling Practices

Geekbench's co-founder John Poole claimed on Twitter that Xiaomi is also throttling the performance based on the names of apps. More specifically, Poole has stated that disguising the Geekbench app as Fortnite resulted in the single-core performance scores dropping by a daunting 30%. Meanwhile, the multi-score score also took a hit and dropped by 15%.

This is what Poole had to say.

Here are results from a Xiaomi Mi 11 running Geekbench and Geekbench disguised as Fortnite. Single-core scores are 30% lower, and multi-core scores are 15% lower, in the Fortnite build. https://t.co/wGAnSi73gR

— John Poole (@jfpoole) March 27, 2022

Poole also added that he witnessed a similar behavior when the Geekbench app was disguised as Genshin Impact, another highly popular game. This is more than enough evidence to suggest that Xiaomi is also throttling the games but we do not know for sure if all the other apps are being affected, as well. Presumably, this is being done to prevent any overheating or battery drain.

This should not come as a surprise, to be honest. Geekbench has a whole list of phones that are banned from the app for the same reason including the likes of OnePlus, Samsung, and hopefully, Xiaomi, as well.

Whatever the reason behind this might be, it definitely is a disappointing thing, especially when consumers have to go through these issues with performance drops that are clearly not favorable for anyone.

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