Wyze Gives All Cam Plus Subscribers Free “Cam Plus Lite”

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A Wyze Cam Plus subscription adds tons of features to your Wyze security camera, including unlimited recording and AI detection for people, pets, packages, and vehicles. But you need to pay $2 a month for each camera on Wyze Cam Plus, which is a bit annoying. Thankfully, Wyze is fixing things a bit with Cam Plus Lite.

Here’s the gist—if you subscribe to Wyze Cam Plus for one camera, all of the other Wyze Cams registered to your account will gain Wyze Cam Plus Lite. This is a stripped-down version of Cam Plus that adds AI person detection with 12-second videos (and nothing else) to your smart security cameras.

If you’re a long-time Wyze fan, the Cam Plus Lite program may sound a bit familiar. That’s because it’s essentially an up-cycled version of Person Detection, a program that was offered to users a few years ago through a name-your-price model.

All models of Wyze Cam support Cam Plus Lite. The only products that don’t work with this program are the old Wyze Cam V1 and the company’s upcoming video doorbells.

The Wyze Cam Plus Lite program is rolling out over the coming days to all Cam Plus subscribers. If you already have Person Detection enabled on your devices, Wyze notes that they will transition to Cam Plus Lite at no additional charge. (By the way, you may need to manually toggle person detection for your cameras under the Services menu in your Account settings.)

Wyze Cam Plus


Wyze Cam Plus

](https://services.wyze.com/detail/camplus "Wyze Cam Plus")

A $2 Wyze Cam Plus subscription adds unlimited back-to-back recording plus person, pet, vehicle, and package detection to a single Wyze Cam. And now, if you have a Wyze Cam Plus subscription for one camera, all of your Wyze Cams get AI person detection for free.

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