Walmart is using AR to let you try on clothes virtually

Andrea Carrillo


Walmart augmented reality

Walmart is making major investments in augmented reality. For its fifth AR innovation in the last six months, the retailer is giving customers a chance to test clothing on their own bodies virtually. The technology, revealed to customers as Be Your Own Model, is powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning models.

The AR tech uses the algorithms and machine learning the way a similar instrument would develop topographic maps. Several functions work together to map out the user’s body, while neural networks translate the clothing’s color, sizes, length, and other attributes.

Once components including body parts, face, and hair have been detected, the system layers the clothing’s attributes on top so the user can try them on. It’s not just a flat 2D image either. Shadows and fabric movement will be factored in to create the most accurate rendering of how different outfits will look on your body.

See what clicks — Back in March, Walmart introduced a similar feature that allowed you to see a garment on over 50 models of various body types and heights. But if you want to be the model this time, the “Try It On” button will prompt you to take a new photo and add your height. (You can’t use an existing photo from your camera roll.) More 270,000 pieces are eligible for the new feature across various brands on Walmart’s website.

Virtual AR try-on technology is a hot commodity in retail these days. Amazon, Hugo Boss, and GOAT are just a few companies that let you try on apparel or sneakers on your digital form. Even Snapchat is making it easier to flex with luxury brands you might not ever plan on purchasing from. There are a few kinks to work out in terms of privacy, but it doesn’t look like stepping into a physical store for retail therapy will be much of a necessity anymore.

iPhone users can now download the Walmart app in the Apple store, but Android users will have to wait a couple weeks to participate. Eventually, users will be able to upload the photos they took on mobile to their desktop. We always knew online shopping was the future, but virtual try-on takes the game to a whole new level.

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