Video Shows How Apple Has Made It Excruciatingly Difficult To Perform Any iPhone 14 Pro Max Repairs

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Video Shows How Apple Has Made It Excruciatingly Difficult To Perform Any iPhone 14 Pro Max Repairs

Apple nullifying easy repairs on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is a massive understatement, incorporating tiny screws, bits, and pieces that likely need to be inspected under a microscope to identify them properly. One YouTuber demonstrated the painfully long time it takes to complete repairs when he was sent the 6.7-inch iPhone that sustained massive damage on the inside. As a result, he decided to perform an intricate teardown to reveal how exceedingly difficult the procedure was.

YouTuber says that if not for his trusty magnetic mat, there was no way he could hold all those iPhone 14 Pro Max pieces in one place; entire process took four and a half hours to complete

Unlike iFixit’s teardown of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which appeared straightforward and easy, Huge Jeffreys looks like he experienced a total meltdown when attempting to carry an entire disassembly of the flagship. Sure, the unit he received was shattered from both the front and back, but the internal components were intact, revealing that they could be taken apart with little to no problem. Unfortunately, Apple’s own decisions made this a near-impossible teardown.

The YouTuber states that while Apple improved the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus design in such a way that made repairs simple, for some reason, the company did not follow the same approach with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even replacing the battery was immensely difficult, and Apple can learn a thing or two from Samsung, who introduced easily removable and identifiable pull tabs with the Galaxy S23 series.

Jeffreys laments that a single kind of screw does not hold down the iPhone 14 Pro Max components, but multiple variants, forcing him to whip out different bits to place in his screwdriver. There is also a copious number of tiny bits, which need to be removed or pried off carefully. The YouTuber mentions that these pieces are so small that a change in your breathing pattern or a mere sneeze is enough to blow them away, causing you to lose them.

After the entire disassembly process is complete, the various parts, bits, screws, and other pieces of the iPhone 14 Pro Max cover a rather large magnetic mat. Jeffreys says he would definitely lose a few of those parts had he not had that mat in his possession at the time of the disassembly. The video also shows that putting all those pieces back together is just as time-consuming as taking them apart, but here is an extra twist; you now have to remember which piece needs to go where, or you will run into a repair roadblock.

Even with the iPhone 14 Pro Max repaired, the YouTuber runs into another problem. Apple’s software does not recognize the new display as a genuine one, so iOS has disabled True Tone and auto-brightness. If you aspire to repair your own iPhone 14 Pro Max, the video given at the top will definitely change your mind. Jeffreys claims it took a whopping four and a half hours to repair the device, so our readers should give him credit for the fact that he shrunk the entire process down to a 19-minute video.

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