Unreleased Beats Studio Buds+ spotted on FCC site and I can’t wait to get them

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Last month, iOS 16.4 RC version leaked some unreleased wireless earbuds. Besides a new AirPods model, which is likely a revised version of the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C, the operating system also showed a new Beats Studio Buds Plus model. Now, an FCC filing (via Aaron) showed Apple/Beats could be planning to release this device sooner rather than later.

What's interesting regarding these new wireless earbuds is the fact that this isn't the first time iOS code leaked an upcoming Beats product. That said, we not only have the information about its features, but even what it's going to look like.

Here's what we know about Beats Studio Buds Plus

Beats Studio Buds Plus is a new iteration of the 2021 earbuds made by Apple’s subsidiary company. The earbuds will have a similar look to their predecessor. With Active Noise Canceling and Transparency Mode functions, these wireless earbuds will have a new Beats processor.

That said, it’s unclear if it will bring some must-have AirPods features, such as audio sharing, automatic device switching, and Hey Siri support, since it won't support the H1 or H2 Apple chips. The code name of this product is 8214, and it will have media controls for play/pause and the option to press and hold to switch between noise-canceling modes.

With that in mind, it seems the new Beats Studio Buds Plus is another wireless earbud focused on the Android market. Even though it will have an Apple-friendly approach to the company's devices, Beats is also pretty popular with Android users, so it makes sense for Beats to continue releasing earbuds that offer the "best of both worlds" for the two platforms.

Apple users that prefer Beats earbuds but with an iPhone focus can find in the Beats Fit Pro the perfect AirPods replacement, as it offers the Cupertino firm's audio chip but with a different design that can be more comfortable in the ears.

It's unclear how much Beats will charge for these new earbuds, but they could likely cost around $150-200. BGR will let you know once the company announces this product.

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