Two Galaxy S23 Ultra Teasers Highlight Its Improved Low-Light Capabilities, And Increased Megapixel Count

Omar Sohail


Two Galaxy S23 Ultra Teasers Highlight Its Improved Low-Light Capabilities, And Increased Megapixel Count

The upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra will be Samsung’s top-tier flagship for 2023, and according to two leaked teasers, it will arrive with a significantly improved camera. The company is also expected to make substantial improvements in the smartphone’s low-light capabilities.

One teaser suggests the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be upgraded to a 200MP main camera

Both teasers were uploaded by tipster Ice Universe in the form of GIFs, with the first one talking about how the Galaxy S23 Ultra will snap high-quality low-light photos. The teaser also adds a little bit of marketing, claiming that the flagship is ‘Made for moonlight,’ suggesting that the computational photography will be taken to the next level for users wanting to capture as much detail in minimum surrounding light.

In the Twitter thread, Ice Universe posted another GIF, which hints about the main camera. Where Samsung stuck with a 108MP primary camera for its Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S23 Ultra teaser shows that the Korean giant may gravitate to a 200MP sensor, as that is what previous rumors pointed to as well. We have seen in the past that a high megapixel count brings diminishing returns for smartphones since the sensor’s physical size is smaller.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra official warm-up video is here!

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) January 10, 2023

However, phone makers like Samsung can compensate by using larger sensors, larger individual pixels, or using software magic. We are excited to see what improvements Samsung will bring to that 200MP camera because whatever the company is planning for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it should be worth the effort. After all, Chinese competitors and Apple have excelled in the smartphone photography game, which should only put more pressure on Samsung.

We know that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will ship with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, so the chipset’s improved ISP (image signal processor) may bring a wide range of improvements in still imaging and video capture. Of course, these teasers only describe half the story, and the rest we will have to see for ourselves when commercial units of the Galaxy S23 Ultra start flooding the market after February 1. As always, we will keep our readers in the loop, so stay tuned.

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