Twitch is now on the Switch

Jay Peters

The Verge

A screenshot of Twitch on the Nintendo Switch. | Image: Twitch

There’s now a Twitch app for the Nintendo Switch. It’s a free download that’s available now on the eShop.

The app is pretty straightforward. There’s a Home tab with recommended streams for you to watch, a Browse tab to look for streams by game or category, and a Search tab. I checked out a couple streams, and they looked great, especially on the Switch OLED’s screen. The app is only for watching streams; you can’t use it to stream your gameplay.

Image: Twitch

Nintendo’s profile on the Nintendo Switch Twitch app.

The Switch Twitch experience is somewhat more limited than what you might be used to from the Twitch website or app. One big change is that you can’t see a stream’s chat on your Switch’s screen or a TV...

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