Toshiba confirms extensive new TV range, including 4K and Android

Rik Henderson


Toshiba has announced a large collection of new UK TVs for the latter part of 2021 that offer something for everyone.

Starting at 24-inches and going up to 65-inches, there are models available from £169. And, 2021 4K TVs are avaiable from £349.

The Toshiba UK31 is the flagship 4K HDR LED set. It is available in up to 65-inches and offers Alexa voice control built-in - you don't need a separate Echo device for it to recognise vocal commands.

The TV comes with Freeview Play and a host of smart TV apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Twitch. It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The Toshiba UA2B series are all Android TVs. Available in sizes from 43- to 65-inches, the also have Chromecast built in to cast video to, plus Google Assistant support.

A UL21 4K HDR range is also available from 43- to 65-inches, but provides a great budget option starting at £349. Each set in the line-up supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Finally, the WK3C series is designed for second room use, in 24- and 32-inch screen sizes.

It starts at £169 and has fulll smart TV functionality.

There's no word yet on availability, but it shouldn't be long before they hit UK stores.

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