Three UK latest network to scrap free roaming

Rik Henderson


UK network Three has announced plans to ditch its long-standing Go Roam benefit.

Like EE and Vodafone, it will no longer offer free roaming to customers when they travel in Europe, the US or other countries currently covered. From May 2022, customers will have to pay similar fees to use their data, minutes and texts allowances in EU countries and globally.

A flat price of £2 per day will be charged for use in EU countries, £5 per day for "Around the World" locations, such as the States.

A worldwide daily cap will also be set for regions not covered, purely to protect against "bill shock".

Customers who sign up for a new contract from 23 May 2022 - or have upgraded with Three after 1 October 2021 - will be eligible for the new roaming price structure. Those who have taken out or upgraded a contract will still be able to use Go Roam until their contract expires. That includes pay as you go customers.

Free roaming will remain in the Republic of Ireland.

"The new charge ensures that customers are clear on what they will pay when using their phone in another country and only those who roam will pay for the service. It will also ensure that we can continue investing in our UK network," said Three UK in a statement.

The move follows similar action from EE and Vodafone, with each network also reintroducing roaming charges in the new year.

O2 will continue to offer free roaming across the EU and in the US on certain "Plus Plans" as an included add-on.

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