This smart collar wants to be an Apple Watch for your dog

Victoria Song

The Verge

A cute brown dog wearing an Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar uses miniaturized radars to monitor resting respiratory and heart rate. | Image: Invoxia

Pet trackers have been around for ages, but Invoxia is looking to shake things up at CES 2022 with a new smart collar that can also monitor your dog’s vital signs. And of course, the smart collar also doubles as a GPS and activity tracker for your pooch.

Canine fitness trackers generally rely on a combination of accelerometers and GPS sensors. Invoxia’s approach is a bit different. To monitor vitals like resting respiratory and heart rate, Invoxia says it worked with board-certified veterinary cardiologists to develop deep learning AI that utilizes miniaturized radar sensors — the same type as the Soli radar Google used in its Pixel 4 phones. According to Invoxia CEO Amélie Caudron, the radars are ideal as they’re capable of taking...

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