This Roomba Uses Highly-Advanced AI to Avoid Dog Poop

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The Roomba J7 identifying and avoiding dog poop.


Sometimes your robotic vacuum eats a charging cable—no big deal, right? You should just be happy that the vacuum didn’t run through a pile of dog poop and spew it around the house, a “poopocolypse” scenario that iRobot hopes to fix with its new Roomba j7 vacuums.

Robotic vacuum manufacturers have spent years working on obstacle avoidance AI, which could make the devices significantly more reliable. But the Roomba j7 is the first robotic vacuum that makes obstacle avoidance its selling point. Not only does it shy away from pet waste, but it learns your rooms and asks if objects are permanent fixtures or temporary threats that shouldn’t be touched.

The Roomba J7 identifying and avoiding a power cable


In a conversation with The Verge, iRobot CEO Colin Angle garunteed that the iRobot j7+ will successfully avoid dog poop and other pet accidents. He also stated that while other robot vacuum manufacturers “are starting to claim that they do this,” iRobot is the only company to implement scat-avoidance technology as a real feature, not just “a gimmick.”

The Roomba j7 is available now for $650 on the iRobot website and will make its way to select retailers on September 19th. Customers can also order the Roomba j7+, which includes a base station that holds 60 days worth of debris.

Roomba j7


Roomba j7

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iRobot’s new Roomba j7 robotic vacuum can automatically identify and avoid pet waste or other obstacles. The j7+ model comes with a bin that can hold 60 days of debris.

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Source: iRobot via The Verge

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