Thermaltake reveals TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 for next-gen PC platforms

Jason R. Wilson


Thermaltake reveals TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 for next-gen PC platforms

Thermaltake announced the company's introduction into the DDR5 category with their new TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory, adding to their library of memory solutions for PC. This announcement was presented at the 2022 ThermalTake Expo January Virtual Exhibition.

Thermaltake launches TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory—the company's first foray into next-gen DDR5 memory solutions

Thermaltake's current memory line offers several options for consumers, from DDR4 2400 MHz to as high as 5600 MHz now seen in their newest DDR5 RAM. In fact, the new TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory offers frequencies from 4800 MHz, 5200 MHz, and 5600 MHz (2 x 16 GB), delivering improved speed and performance than the company's previous generational wares.

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Thermaltake continues to drive its core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations and Boundless Creativity to provide high-performance products. We continue to explore new possibilities with PC hardware and continue our passion for creating next level gaming peripherals. Now we have taken a leap foward to deliver performance memory to more gaming enthusiasts.

The new Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory modules showcase a double bank group architecture, and increase access availability, bringing consumers larger capacities without lag suppression. The new line will be compatible with the company's ThermalTake CPU and memory AIO cooler family, including the Floe RC and Floe RC Ultra series, adding an additional flexibility to stay current with users' PC rigs.

TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory Features:

  • Built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) enhancing power supply stability with low operating voltage
  • On-die error-correcting code (ECC) provides improved stability and reliability
  • Tightly-Screened ICs provide optimal frequency and performance
  • Aluminum heat spreader to deliver exceptional heat dissipation
  • Real-time temperature, frequency, and performance monitoring
  • Compatible with Floe RC & Floe RC Ultra series
  • Supports Intel Core 12th Gen Alder Lake series CPUs
  • Intel XMP 3.0 ready

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory will ship towards the end of the first quarter of 2022. Following this release, the company will launch the TOUGHRAM XG RGB at a later point this year.

Right now, you can see ThermalTake's full lineup of the company's current DDR4 memory on the Thermaltake website, as well as the company's other computer components for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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