There's a new Shopping tab on TikTok

Jessica Conditt


There's a new Shopping tab on TikTok

The sticky tentacles of capitalism have slithered into a fresh space: TikTok. Shopify and TikTok are rolling out TikTok Shopping, a new tab that business users can add to their profiles, syncing their product catalogues and linking out to their online stores for payment. 

The new tab will be available to Shopify sellers with a TikTok For Business account, and the program is live now as a pilot in the United States and United Kingdom. The beta will open up to some users in Canada over the coming weeks, with additional regions planned in the following months.

In addition to the new tab, Shopify and TikTok are launching product links in the app as well, allowing Shopify merchants to tag items in normal TikTok posts. The tag will send the user directly to the merchant's online store.

For everyday TikTok users, this means you can expect to see more links and opportunities to throw your hard-earned money at social media stars on the app. Truly, this was only a matter of time.

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