The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE might not see the light of day

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE might not see the light of day

If recent reports are to be believed, Samsung might shelve its next Fan Edition device — the Galaxy S22 FE. Sources familiar with Samsung’s plans claim that the company will not release the Galaxy S22 FE, and there’s a chance that the company will put an end to the Fan Edition lineup altogether.

A brief history of Samsung’s Fan Edition devices

Samsung reinstated its Fan Edition line, which initially debuted after the Note 7 fiasco, with the launch of the Galaxy S20 FE in September 2020. At the time, the company promised to launch more Fan Edition versions of its flagship devices in the coming years. Staying true to its word, Samsung launched a toned-down version of its flagship Galaxy Tab S7 as part of the Fan Edition line in May last year.

Galaxy S21 FE on wooden table.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Shortly after its launch, we started seeing leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S21 FE. However, the device faced several delays, and we even saw multiple reports suggesting that Samsung had shelved the phone. Fortunately, that did not turn out to be the case, and Samsung finally lifted the covers off the Galaxy S21 FE earlier this year in January, right before it unveiled its flagship Galaxy S22 lineup.

Will there be a Galaxy S22 FE?

Now that it’s been a few months since the Galaxy S22 series went on sale, we were expecting to see leaks about the Galaxy S22 FE. But a new report from SamMobile states that Samsung might be canceled. The report cites multiple unnamed sources who claim that Samsung is not going to release the Galaxy S22 FE. The publication’s research also indicates that a device with the model number SM-S900, which would have been the Galaxy S22 FE, doesn’t exist at the moment.

SamMobile speculates that Samsung might be cutting the Galaxy S22 FE because the Galaxy S21 FE saw limited success for several reasons. As we pointed out in our review of the Galaxy S21 FE, the device landed in the market at the wrong time, right before the Galaxy S22 series launch, at a premium price point. This gave buyers little incentive to pick it up over the vanilla Galaxy S22, which offered the latest hardware at a slightly higher price.

These factors may have led to Samsung canceling the Galaxy S22 FE, but we can’t be sure of this at the moment. If Samsung has indeed canceled the Galaxy S22 FE, we expect the company to make a formal announcement. After all, it’ll be disappointing its fans by depriving them of an affordable flagship.

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