The Pixel 7a looks pretty sharp, but also just like the Pixel 6a

Maggie Tillman


The Pixel 7a looks pretty sharp, but also just like the Pixel 6a

Google is expected to announce its next Pixel A-series phone next year, possibly at the Google I/O 2023 developer conference next spring. Although that seems like forever away, you won't have to wait that long to see what the so-called Pixel 7a might look like when it debuts.

In fact, renders of the phone have already leaked online.

On Smartprix, OnLeaks' Steve Hemmerstoffer has revealed the Pixel 7a. If his renders are true, then the phone will look a lot like its predecessor and Google's current flagship phones. Its dimensions are even practically identical to the Pixel 6a, the latter of which is 10.1mm thick (at the camera housing). Other features we spotted: Thin bezels with a slightly wider bottom chin and a center display cutout for the selfie camera.

It will also feature a SIM tray on its left side, meaning no eSIM. There's no headphone jack or analog port, either.

Still, the phone looks edgy, with its rounded-square corner, razor-thin design, and pinhole cutout. The white and silver colours also suit it well.

Here's the Pixel 6a in comparison: 

Smartprix said the Pixel 7a will likely feature a Samsung 90Hz display and an improved Sony main camera sensor. It might even feature wireless charging - the first Pixel A phone to do so. Other than that, the details were thin. No information about the cameras, hardware inside, or pricing. But we're still in early days territory, with Google at least six months out from revealing this device.

So there is plenty of time for the rumour mill to spit out more leaks for us to drool over while we wait.

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