The first beta of Paranoid Android Sapphire is now available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro

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The first beta of Paranoid Android Sapphire is now available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro

The Paranoid Android team has just released the first beta build of Paranoid Android Sapphire ROM for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. An Alpha release of the Android 12-based ROM has been available for both phones for some time now. However, the new beta version promises a more stable software experience.

As announced by XDA Recognized Developer arter97, the Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta is now available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The new build incorporates several device-specific improvements, including revamped blobs, improved sleep mode, fingerprint scanner improvements, and a switch to arter97’s kernel. The Paranoid Android platform itself has received some notable features, too, such as Repainter integration, optimizations from ProtonAOSP, a burn-in protection feature for devices with OLED panels, the latest f2fs tools, and more.

There are still some know issues in the beta release. These include slow initialization of mobile data after reboot, Wi-Fi not working on a few reboots, and less than ideal pocket detection, which may accidentally wake up the device or trigger gestures.

Follow the thread linked below if you want to try out the Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta on your OnePlus 9/Pro. It contains the download link for the ROM and step-by-step flashing instructions. Although you can flash the beta build on your existing Sapphire Alpha installation, the developer notes that “a clean flash is highly recommended.”

Download Paranoid Android Sapphire Beta for the OnePlus 9 / OnePlus 9 Pro

The full update changelog:

Here are some device-specific highlights:

  • Prebuilt blobs are revamped to fix various issues (audio, video, NFC, etc)
  • Sleep mode is changed to fix excessive idle battery drain
  • VRR implementation is now working, which will improve battery life a lot
  • Corner masks are now done properly
  • Fingerprint improvements
  • Kernel switched to a customized version of arter97 kernel

Here are platform-wise highlights:

  • Latest CAF tag merged
  • kdrag0n’s Repainter service integrated
  • Optimized bionic, memory routines (ported by xboxfanj)
  • Latest f2fs-tools
  • Few optimizations merged from kdrag0n’s ProtonAOSP
  • Burn-in protection feature added
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