The battery on Apple’s new MacBook Pro is much easier to replace than before

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The battery on Apple’s new MacBook Pro is much easier to replace than before

For a few years now, Apple has been getting accused of making repairs harder for third parties and individual users. For example, at some point, replacing the iPhone home button at non-authorized service repair centers disabled the iPhone completely. That behavior was later changed by disabling Touch ID instead after online user outrage arose. Apple switched to gluing MacBook batteries back in 2012, which made repairing them a tougher, more delicate task. However, it seems like the tech overlord has finally taken a step back, reveals a MacBook Pro 2021 teardown.

According to Apple Insider, the latest iFixit teardown of the 14 inches MacBook Pro 2021 shows that Apple has switched to pull tabs rather than glue to keep the MacBook batteries in place. This makes swapping batteries a simple and safe process for both third-party repairpeople and individual users who would rather do it by themselves.

The four pull tabs of the outer battery cells on the new MacBook Pro are all easily accessible. However, taking out the two central ones will be a bit of a challenge. This is because they sit right beneath the trackpad. It’s still a very welcome change nonetheless, considering Apple has started listening to user feedback. The reason behind this change could be Apple avoiding potential lawsuits regarding their monopolistic actions.

The latest MacBook Pro models also come with a wide range of ports that had been removed from earlier models. Users no longer need a dongle to connect an SD card, for example. Apple is definitely heading in the right direction, where it balances aesthetics and functionality. The end result is getting more satisfied customers and a potential increase in sales. The MacBook Air is rumored to be refreshed in 2022. We hope Apple gives it the same treatment and we get a more repairable and functional device.

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